Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Launch yourself or your brand You all have skills, loves, something that motivates you. Use this time to launch yourself or your brand.

You are all at a different place. Someone like Khai has been building their brand (Self Love) for over a year now.

Most of you are talented and creative but have not done anything other than your assigned website and Youtube channel. It's time to change that and launch yourself or a brand for a product or media that you create.

Assignment: Launch yourself or your brand.

Fill out this form when you publish your project

Take what you love to do. Drawing, photography, filmmaking, music, watching Netflix, sports, cooking, eating snacks, social justice, hiking, stargazing, etc. Start making content. Put your work out there but now do it with a plan. Don't worry about being good, don't worry about what others will think, just start. The idea is that you might get noticed six months from now or years from now. You can launch a named brand, like Self Love, Beautiful Places, or you can launch your personal brand, YOURSELF!, like Ms. M has for her professional website here.

Start by creating a video that shows what you love to do.

The video can be promotional or Vlog style.

Rule of thirds needs to be used in each clip of your video.

Here is a blog post about the Rule of Thirds

Checklist for Vlog

  1. Make sure the Grid is on your camera: go to - settings - camera - grid

  2. Medium/close up shots of your face

  3. Place yourself of one of the points of emphasis

  4. Clean up the background

  5. Make sure it supports the message of your brand.

  6. When talking about your brand in the video discuss:

- What is it that you love to do, Why do you love doing this , How did you learn about what you love to do?

Checklist for video

  1. Make sure grid is on- settings - camera - grid

  2. B roll that shows your product and yourself working with the product - medium shots/close ups

  3. Voice over - What is it that you love to do, Why do you love doing this , How did you learn about what you love to do?

  4. Add royalty free music

  5. Edit the b roll to the beat of the music

The use of a phone is fine.

Use any editor you have access to. Here are a few free video editing apps for your phone:

InShot: (iOS, Android)

iMovie (iPhone/Mac only)

Adobe Premiere Rush ( iOS, Android)

Post to one or more social media platforms with #slhsme #slamshutdown Fill out this form when you publish your project

Here's an example video:

  • Amanda Nuir Myrdal

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Fill out this form after you post your project.

All projects will now be graded.

3rd quarter grades will be pass/fail. You may make up any missed assignments until Wednesday, April 22nd. Feel free to substitute any creative work for a missed assignment. Fill out the form above and state which assignment you want it to apply to.

4th quarter and final semester grades will be pass/incomplete and you will have until 6 weeks from the beginning of the next school year to turn in incomplete assignments.

Checklist For April 6-10

  1. #slhsquarantine - Create a short movie, Vlog,​ or photo slideshow using Proportion/Scale post by April 10. Project description can be found below.

  2. Post project to Instagram, twitter, youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook with hashtags: #slhsquarantine #slamshutdown

  3. Create a new section on your website title it #slhsquarantine.

  4. Make sure your website is up to date with ALL projects from the year.

Project description

Project 1, Post by April 10:

First theme: #slhsquaratine - Create a short movie, vlog or slideshow showing your quarantine experience.

First Principle: Proportion/scale

Click here for a blog about Proportion/Scale

Keep in mind the rule of thirds, lighting, and background.

The use of a phone or computer camera is fine. Horizontal video only for this one due to the rule of thirds requirement. For all projects, you may use video, photos, drawings, paintings, or any visual media but the final product should be a video file. Use any editor you have access to. Here are a few free video editing apps for your phone: InShot: (iOS, Android) iMovie (iPhone/Mac only) Adobe Premiere Rush ( iOS, Android)

Checklist for the project:

  1. Use of proportion/Scale and rule of thirds

  2. Pay attention that lighting is clear  

  3. The objects in the frame are placed in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

  4. Project is posted on social media with tag #slhsquarantine #slamshutdown by April 10th.

  5. Email me or Mr. Farley if you have any questions! // // afarley@slusd.u

Here's Ashton's video. As more come in I'll create a playlist and link it here.

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Companies are offering free accounts and free software to use throughout the shutdown. We'll be adding offers here as we find them.

Latest huge deal! Red Giant Complete free to students. You want this, believe me. Look at everything here: Then sign up and get it and you will be amazed at all the cool things you can do from photoshop plugins to particle effects, to compositing tools Red Giant will take your projects to another level. Go here to sign up: Red Giant Academic Pricing.

Apple’s creative professional apps — video editing software Final Cut Pro Xand music production suite Logic Pro X— are both getting free 90-day trials for a limited time. The 90-day trial is available now for Final Cut Pro X and will arrive “in the coming days” for Logic Pro X.

DaVinci Resolve. Edit video, color correct, composite/effects, edit audio all in one program. For Mac and PC. This is free, not a trial.

Phone editing Apps: Here are a few free video editing apps for your phone: InShot: iOS, Android iMovie (iphone/mac only)

Adobe Premiere Rush (iOS , Android)

All Adobe software! Photoshop, After Effects, Animate, everything is available to students using "sign in with google" with their SLUSD email username and password. Go here to sign in. This is our server on steroids. This allows for video collaboration, comments on videos, checks on rough drafts, and a lot of things that take a lot of in-class time. Join the SLAM Project here:

Free Photography and Film classes, training, and webinars. Link here.


  • Fender is also offering three months of free guitar lessons for the next 100,000 people who subscribe to its Fender Play app on iOS and Android.



  • AudioKit’s Synth One app for iOS

  • Social music creation platform BandLab is free and has lots of cleared loops and samples that can be used without worry.

  • GarageBand, of course.

  • Korg’s music production software and plug-in collection for iOS, Korg Gadget 2 Le

  • Music making and remixing iOS app Launchpad

  • Drum machine app Patterning is free on iOS (with in-app purchases to unlock extra features).

  • There are loads of royalty-free sounds at Free Sample Packs.

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