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Due Friday: Fill out this form by Friday Feb. 14 to turn in your topic, team jobs, website, social media and plan.

This week, you must form into Fast for Nonviolence teams and choose a topic.
Team: Teams should be one to six people.

Topics: Choose a topic that opposes some kind of violence, whether it's violence to people, animals, or nature.

Each Fast project will include the following:

  • One or more videos that take on a non-violence cause. This can be documentary, creative, music video, PSA, podcasts (audio or video).
    For ideas, check out the Fast for Nonviolence Playlist.

  • A social media account that has a couple posts per day about the issue along with photos and explanations of your team working on the project.

  • A video introduction to your media. What did you create and why?

  • Graphics, memes, or flyers on the topic.
    Remember : login: Psswd: slamstudent

  • A website explaining the project, showing your media, and your social media photos, graphics, and posts.

Timeline for project:

Feb 14: Have your topic and team chosen, have website and social media set up and posting. Have plan for media. Give specific people a job to do. Team Leader, Web, social media, graphics, photographer, and writer/researcher. One person can do many or all jobs if needed.

Feb 28: Show progress on web, social, and video clips shot.

March 6: Rough Draft of video or videos due.
March 13: Video(s) posted to Youtube, website and social media.

March 16: Fast for Nonviolence begins!
March 20: Fast for Nonviolence ends.

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