Project #2 #SLHSme

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Launch yourself or your brand You all have skills, loves, something that motivates you. Use this time to launch yourself or your brand.

You are all at a different place. Someone like Khai has been building their brand (Self Love) for over a year now.

Most of you are talented and creative but have not done anything other than your assigned website and Youtube channel. It's time to change that and launch yourself or a brand for a product or media that you create.

Assignment: Launch yourself or your brand.

Fill out this form when you publish your project

Take what you love to do. Drawing, photography, filmmaking, music, watching Netflix, sports, cooking, eating snacks, social justice, hiking, stargazing, etc. Start making content. Put your work out there but now do it with a plan. Don't worry about being good, don't worry about what others will think, just start. The idea is that you might get noticed six months from now or years from now. You can launch a named brand, like Self Love, Beautiful Places, or you can launch your personal brand, YOURSELF!, like Ms. M has for her professional website here.

Start by creating a video that shows what you love to do.

The video can be promotional or Vlog style.

Rule of thirds needs to be used in each clip of your video.

Here is a blog post about the Rule of Thirds

Checklist for Vlog

  1. Make sure the Grid is on your camera: go to - settings - camera - grid

  2. Medium/close up shots of your face

  3. Place yourself of one of the points of emphasis

  4. Clean up the background

  5. Make sure it supports the message of your brand.

  6. When talking about your brand in the video discuss:

- What is it that you love to do, Why do you love doing this , How did you learn about what you love to do?

Checklist for video

  1. Make sure grid is on- settings - camera - grid

  2. B roll that shows your product and yourself working with the product - medium shots/close ups

  3. Voice over - What is it that you love to do, Why do you love doing this , How did you learn about what you love to do?

  4. Add royalty free music

  5. Edit the b roll to the beat of the music

The use of a phone is fine.

Use any editor you have access to. Here are a few free video editing apps for your phone:

InShot: (iOS, Android)

iMovie (iPhone/Mac only)

Adobe Premiere Rush ( iOS, Android)

Post to one or more social media platforms with #slhsme #slamshutdown Fill out this form when you publish your project

Here's an example video:

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