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Updated: May 3, 2020

Fill out this form when you publish your project. Note: If you are logged into your school google account it will not let you fill this out.

For this week, we want you to create a logo for your brand. Remember your brand can be a company that you are creating or it can be YOU. When you are an artist, you often ARE your brand.

Here are some tools to use. Remember if you lack the technology, draw or paint your logo and arrange a way to show it to your teacher. is a good logo creation site. They also have a good lesson with tips on how to make a good logo. Watch it! is a good place to start. Remember the login is and slamstudent is the password. You can also create your own account for free.

WIX has a logo maker. This will allow you to use your logo on your class website!

Click on Create a Design and select Logo to get started.

Begin with one of their designs and then alter it to make it yours.

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