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The work that we have seen so far has been great! For this week we are going to concentrate on framing our subject; which includes using the rule of thirds and the size of the frame (video, photographs, painting, graphic, etc). YOU WILL TAKE TWO PHOTOGRAPHS that support your brand but we are looking for the use of the rule of thirds and shots size.

Click here for rule of thirds review

Click here for a review on the size of the frame

Here is the final shot with no color correction or cropping. Lemons are the center and lower left point of emphasis on the rule of thirds.

Here is the same shot but with the rule of thirds grid.

Here is the other shot that I took at the same time.

I like the shot below but I knew that I was going to write about the lemons and this shot does not make the lemons the focus within the frame because the water container is in the foreground.

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Updated: May 4, 2020

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Now it's time to start posting. You may already post personal posts, selfies, etc. but for this week, your assignment is to post once a day ON BRAND.

Your posts can be something as simple as an opinion you have or a retweet/repost of someone in your same area that you admire. This is a good way to make industry connections. Be sure to hashtag it with related tags, @ who you wish to connect with, and send a compliment.

Ideas: If you create arts or crafts, take pictures of your creations with people (had because of quarantine, but get creative. Have a friend who has something you created send you a picture. If you paint, take a photo of your painting. Maybe also a photo of you and your painting. Even better is a short video of you sitting Bob Ross style talking about your painting. Get used to taking photos of your works in progress or even videos of you talking about your art while in progress. Timelapses are great to add. Talk about your paint choices, your brushes, your procrastination issues. Post with hashtags that relate to your products and follow those hashtags to see what others are posting.

If you are a photographer, post one image a day. Go out and get fresh pics or find your favorite images, work on them, and post them with a meaningful caption and hashtags that put it in front of people following those tags. You should follow hashtags you use!

If you are a filmmaker you can find some of your past videos and post them. Create something new. One edited video can be substituted for a week of posts for this project. TikTok is filmmaking, don't think it isn't, but you should be posting one a day (at least) unless you are doing something elaborate. You decide.

If the brand is you: you can do any of the above or anything else. You want to keep in mind that you are trying to grow your brand. You are trying to get meaningful followers and make meaningful connections to those you admire and where you would like to be some day. 10 real followers who connect with you and will share your work are better than 1000 fake followers that have no connection and just pad your ego. Same irl.

If you choose to create a longer video that requires editing and more than just pressing record, go ahead and one edited video this week will be worth all the posts.

Here is an example of a flyer Ms.M created for advertise for future photography classes. This is a good way to gain feedback from your audience/viewers.

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