If you are a freshman wanting to become a SLAM Sophomore next year, fill out the application here. For best results, show something you have created! You don't have to be an amazing artist, we'll teach you that, it just helps us to know that you are so into media that you do something already.

Fill out this form to turn in your website.

The final project of the year is your website. This is also where you can turn in any late assignments. Post them there and they will be graded.

Your website does not have to show everything you have done but it should represent the work you have done throughout the year.

Some things to check on.

1. Is the site easily navigable? Can your work be found easily?

2. Did you write a little bit about each assignment? You don't have to go on and on, but each post or assignment shown should have a description and some reflection on the project.

3. Does each assignment have a title? Either title it the assignment name (ok) or create an original title (better).

4. Did you push the publish button? The changes can't be seen if you don't publish.

5. Fill out this form to turn in your website.

Fill in this form to turn in your posts.

The work that we have seen so far has been great! For this week we are going to concentrate on framing our subject; which includes using the rule of thirds and the size of the frame (video, photographs, painting, graphic, etc). YOU WILL TAKE TWO PHOTOGRAPHS that support your brand but we are looking for the use of the rule of thirds and shots size.

Click here for rule of thirds review

Click here for a review on the size of the frame

Here is the final shot with no color correction or cropping. Lemons are the center and lower left point of emphasis on the rule of thirds.

Here is the same shot but with the rule of thirds grid.

Here is the other shot that I took at the same time.

I like the shot below but I knew that I was going to write about the lemons and this shot does not make the lemons the focus within the frame because the water container is in the foreground.

Fill in this form to turn in your posts.