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Day 1: Cleaning, How Senior Project Works, logging into computers, setting them up, setting up sound, add programs to your Dock, join SLAM Discord Server if you can.

Day 2: Answer the questions on this survey. Spend some time talking to people you might want to collaborate with on projects or just come up with some ideas.  Sorry I can't be there our court time was changed from morning to afternoon (I'll tell you about it tomorrow).

8/20: Class playlist roll call.


8/23: Join the Schoology class at

One Week Project due before class Wed. 9/1. 15-30 seconds about one thing that makes you feel alive, something you love, or something you are interested in. This can be photos (slideshow), video (use your phone), Graphics using whatever apps you have. Can be any aspect ratio (hd, tictok, ig). Must have a Voiceover that is your voice and photos or videos of you.

How the class works:

Monthly Project Timeline

  • Week 1: Planning

  • Week 2: Shooting

  • Week 3: Editing/Critique

  • Week 4: Fixing, posting, Final Showing

Monthly Broadcast Segment

Your own project or projects

All projects, segments, or personal projects should be submittable to the Film Festivals and the SLAMMYS.

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