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NOTE: Many of these pages are currently down or outdated.

These lessons will help you with doing just about anything in media from writing a script to uploading to youtube.




Celtx - Scriptwriting Software

How to Write An Elevator Pitch [FREE Elevator Pitch Template]
How to Write Dialogue With Our “Tips for Writing Dialogue” Checklist

Script writing

The 12 Archetypes

3 Ideas or one great one



School of Motion: Idea mining.


Film Study

Short Films

Short Animations


Getting Started with Animate

Create a background and animate something in it.

Exporting an animation as a movie

Walk Cycle

Creating a panoramic background

Bouncing Ball Squash and Stretch (version 1)

Bouncing Ball with Squash and Stretch (version 2)

Bone Tool Animation

Animating a Character in Animate

Animating a Robot in Animate

Animating along a path

How to import sound.

Adding a video to Animate

Flash Pencil Drawing
Line Shading in Flash
Gradient Shading in Flash
Looping Symbols (Wave pt. 1)
transform, looping settings, adjusting keyframes (Wave pt. 2)

School of Motion: Finding Reference



Getting Started, Erasing, Compositing

Quick Selection Tool and Refine Edge

Magnetic Lasso, Quickmask, Command-J and the Filter Gallery

Colors (hex, RGB, CMYK)


Text(Meme Assignment)

Cropping and Image Size


Magic Wand

Color correction with adjustment layers

Clone Stamp

Color Replacement Tool


Basic selection

Propaganda Poster



Comic Sans

Comic Sans Criminal  

Using Contrast in Typography

Typography pioneers

Animating and sound with Photoshop

Service Projects

What's a service project



Composition, Focus, and Light   #compfocuslight
SLAMFamily #slamfamily
Line   #slamlinephoto

Shape  #slamshapephoto

Form  #slamformphoto

Space #slamspacephoto

Value  #slamvaluephoto

Primary  #slamprimaryphoto

Analogous Color  #slamanalogousphoto

Complementary Color #slamcomplementaryphoto

Repetition #slamrepetitionphoto

Food #slamfoodphoto

Triptych  slamtriptychphoto

DSLR Manual operation


Video Production

Deleting files from camera
Camera Settings
Camera Sound Settings
Filmmaking Processes
Film Crew Skills

Set Etiquette

Filming and Editing Dialog
Blocking a conversation
Editing Dialog with Multicam Editing
Filming a Fight Scene

B-Roll 101: How to Shoot it and Why It's Important

Create a Movie Poster



Interview Sound and Camera Sound    Settings.

Interview Questions

 Writing a voiceover


Good Documentary Checklist



Setting Your Audio Levels Correctly

Camera Sound Settings

Recording a Voiceover with GarageBand

Sound recording through camera

Zoom Recorder

Editing A Podcast with Audition
Removing Noise with Audition (step by step)
Removing Noise with Audition (videos)
Mixing music and vocals (youtube videos).


Canva: login:

Psswd: slamstudent

Create a Movie Poster


Sound Sites:

Incompetech (Kevin McCloud)

Bunch of different sites all on one page

Ben's Sounds

Purple Planet

Partners in Rhyme (slamacademy, sounds)



3 Point Lighting

Light Kits



Short News Piece
Getting shots off the Tricaster
First Show Creation

Broadcasting Journalism Basics

Shots you need for Game Coverage

Video using game coverage shots

Director Cues

TriCaster Advanced Video Tutorials

TriCaster Video Tutorials

Loading and building a show

Live production of an interview with lower thirds

Live production of a theater show

Control Room and studio

Sound Input

Rundown Sheet



Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro with Obiwan
Importing Video into Premiere Pro
Exporting from Premiere Pro
Setting in and out points and editing Disappear


AE Composition and Text animation

AE Rendering a video

Effects Breakdown and Obiwan

AE animation
AE rotoscoping
AE track matte

AE tracking

School of Motion Tracking Tutorials

Corner Pin Instructions

3D Camera Tracking in AE

Animating Poetry or Lyrics

Fireball and Masking

Sky Replacement

Great VFX Breakdown Reels

After Effects Tutorials

VFX: Going Behind The Magic: ILM


Color Grading

Sideshowfx-great reel


File Types

Compression and file types


Media Industry Jobs

How to break into the VFX Industry



A list of recommended media programs


Posting to Youtube

Your Reel

Reel Assignment

How to Make a Filmmakers ShowReel (YouTube Video)

A good example (40 seconds)

5 Tips for Making a Great Vide Editing Demo Reel



Use Anchor to host an audio Podcast Free
How to start a podcast

Podcasting Basics


Setting up StreamDeck with OBS

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