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No Show Segments until after Fast work is done.

March 2-6
This is Fast Video Rough Draft Week!

  • The rough draft of your video is due Friday. This should be a completed video. We will critique the video on Monday and you can then make changes to it.

  • Continue with 2 social media posts per day, graphics, photography, and website.


Fill out this form to submit your website, social media, and plan

Feb 24-28
Fast for Nonviolence Progress Week.
Show progress on web, social, and video clips shot.

Friday 2/7: Intro to the Fast for Nonviolence. Over the weekend, think of some topics you would like to explore with your media.

Wednesday/Thursday: Harryhausen movie
Go to and create an account. Join the SLAM photo Sharing Flickr Group here: your choice photo there.

Tuesday 2/4: Finish breakdown video and post all effects shots to website.

Monday 2/3: Portrait Photo Crit. Put full resolution version of portrait in Portraits to Print folder on the server if you want it printed and put on the wall.

Next assignment is choice. Take the best photo you can. Must be a new photo taken this week. Due Monday 2/10. 
Finish tracking breakdown video. Post all effects videos to your website.

Friday 1/31: Fieldtrip!

Tuesday/Wednesday: Do a corner pin tracking shot by following these instructions. Then do 3D Camera Tracking in AEand use one of the SLAM hallway shots and put something on the walls. Render these videos out and put all three of your tracking shots together into a video in Final Cut. Create a before and after breakdown video for each shot with text explaining what is coming next, music, and credits. Put it in the Tracking Breakdown Here folder, on Youtube, and then on your website.


Monday 1/27: AE trackingAE Tracking Steps. Grab a shot from the VFX Assets / Tracking Shots Folder on the server and track something into the shot.


Friday 1/24: Portrait Photography assignment. Due next friday before school. Finish Macbeth Quote.


Tuesday 1/21: Animate a Macbeth Quote.


Friday 1/17: Finish Will Fireball, render, bring in to Final Cut to finish with sound and titles, turn it in to Will Fireball Here folder, post to youtube and then to your website.


Wed/Thurs Watch apparatus videos. Mask Will's hand and animate mask. 


Tuesday 1/14: Start the Will Fireball assignment


Monday 1/13 Watch the AM Show here. Then post your apparate shot to Youtube and then to your website. Start the Will Fireball assignment and see how far you can get.


Wednesday 1/8 Add flashes and smoke to your Apparate shot. Bring it into Final Cut and add sounds, titles, and credits. Turn in to folder, youtube, and your website.


Tuesday: Edit the Apparate, Reapparate shot.


Monday 1/6 Apparate, Reapparate. Film your Apparate shots and get them onto your computer today. Get your shot into AE and start editing it if you have the time.


Final Due Thursday Dec. 19: Your website should show the variety of assignments we have done. Photography, Photoshop, Show segments, Animation, and Visual Effects. It doesn't have to show everything, just your best work. Include a title and one or two sentences about each piece. Use this form to submit or update your website link.


Friday Dec. 13: Finish Obiwan, turn in to Obiwan Here folder. When finished, start working on your website. This is your Final.
The Seasonal Photo is now due January 10 Friday after we return.


Nov/Dec Show Segment Dates
Fill out this form after you turn your segment in.
A-E Show segment due 11/13
F-K Show segment due 11/20
L-N Show segment due 12/11
O-Z Show segment due 12/18


Friday Dec. 6: Seasonal photo moved to next friday due to Russian hackers.
Begin Obiwan Project

Wed/Thurs Getting started with After Effects.
Render your movie by following these instructions: AE Rendering a video
Bring your rendered video into Final Cut, add sound, export, and put in the AE Text folder on the server.


Monday/Tuesday Dec. 2/3: The Pixar Story


Friday Nov. 22: Analogous color critique.
Next photo due before school dec. 6: Seasonal
Watch animations.


Wed/Thurs: Put all your animations into one video.
Create each into a video with File > Export > Export Video and bring it into the same Final Cut project as your walk cycle.


Wed/Thursday you will put background with animation, squashes and stretches, and walk cycle together showing each with a title in between and sounds.


Monday and Tuesday: Animate a ball bouncing. Follow these instructions:
Bouncing Ball Squash and Stretch (version 1)
Bouncing Ball with Squash and Stretch (version 2)
Do both versions as separate animations. Add a background if you want.


Wed/Thurs Continue to work on walk cycle. When done, create a panoramic background symbol and animate it to move behind your walker.


Tuesday Nov. 12: Walk Cycle


Friday Nov. 8: Analogous Color Photo due Nov. 22nd.
Critique Primary color photo
Finish symbol animations.

Wed/Thurs Nov. 6/7: Create a movie symbol and animate it in front of a background. You can use what you did yesterday or start a new one.
Finish it in Final Cut with a title, a soundtrack, and credits at the end. "by Your Name" is fine for credits.
Primary Colors Photo due Friday!

Tuesday Nov 5: Draw a background and animate something in it.

Monday Nov. 4: Getting Started with Animate

Friday Nov 1: Primary Colors Photo.
Post at least 3 critiques of Value Photos.
Clean up your computer and computer area.
Post your PixelArt and Value photo to your website.

Wed/Thurs Animate Pixel ArtResizing your animation and exporting as an animated GIF

Tuesday Oct. 29: PixelArt

Monday Oct. 28: Black and white in photoshop and Lightroom.

Friday: Value Photo for next Friday
Finish Typography assignment if needed.
Update website with typography and all other photoshop assignments. Also post all photo assignments.

Monday/Tuesday: Watch the Morning Announcements
Typography Assignment

Friday Oct. 11: Space! Photo Assignment
Form Photo Crit.
Meaningfully comment on at least three form photos that don't already have 5 comments.

Thursday Oct. 10: Quick Selection and Refine Edge.
Form picture due tomorrow.
Add photos and Photoshop projects to your website. Your website is your final in this class, keep it up to date.

Next News Segment Due according to the first initial of your last name. You can work with one other person but your due date depends on the person with the earliest initial.
A-E Show segment due 10/1
F-K Show segment due 10/8
L-N Show segment due 10/15
O-Z Show segment due 10/22

Tuesday Oct. 8: Text Tool Meme.

Monday Oct. 7:
Morning announcements
Magnetic Lasso, quickmask, and Command-J

Wed/Thurs Oct. 2/3: View and critique segments.
Photoshop Clone Stamp tool.

Tuesday Oct. 1: finish with Eraser Tool

Monday Sept. 30: Photoshop
Intro to the Eraser Tool.
File > Save As a jpeg and post to Eraser Tool Forum.

Friday Sept. 26th: Form Photo Lesson
Post your photo assignments to your website.

Wednesday/Thursday: Lightroom CC Tutorial.
Use the tools on at least three of your favorite photos.
Choose your favorite and post the before and after to the Photocrit Lightroom Adjustments forum topic.

Tuesday Sept. 24th: Finish poster from yesterday
Set up your Youtube Channel and upload your segment video to it.
Also, go to the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia channel and subscribe to it.

Monday Sept. 23rd: Poster creation. Create a poster for your last broadcast segment or a future one and be sure to name it.

Next News Segment Due according to the first initial of your last name. You can work with one other person but your due date depends on the person with the earliest initial.
A-E Show segment due 10/1
F-K Show segment due 10/8
L-N Show segment due 10/15
O-Z Show segment due 10/22

Friday 9/20: Next Photo: School
Shape Photo Critique.
Update website. You should have a photography page with your first three photos on it along with a short explanation of the photo and how it fits the topic.

Sept. 19 Show Segment Project due: Shoot your own show segment, edit it, and turn it in to the Show Segment Folder on SLAMA. We will watch them Wed/Thurs.
Things you need to know:


--Shape Photo Due 9/10

Friday Sept. 13
Some show segments.
Shape Photo Due 9/10
Line Photo Critique: Go to the line photo thread and comment on the line-ness, composition, focus, and light of three photos that have less than 3 comments already. (less than 6 for 2nd period)
Work on your show segment or your website.

Line Photo Critique: Go to the line photo thread and comment on the line-ness, composition, focus, and light of three photos that have less than five comments already.

Monday/Tuesday Sept. 9 and 10th
Sign up with and start creating your website. Create a Photography page and post your Comp, Focus, Light photo on it along with a short paragraph describing the assignment and how your photo fits the assignment.  Turn in your web address (URL) here.

Friday Sept. 6th
SLAMFam Day with Movie and Guest Speakers

Wednesday/Thursday Sept. 4/5
Show segment editing: Edit the Small Crush Video and turn in to Small Crush Turn in folder. 

Tuesday Sept. 3
Line Photo Assignment due before class Friday Sept. 13
Comp, Focus, Light Critique


Comp, Focus, Light is due before class Monday.

Go here: and login with username: first namelastinitial. Or use your slamfamily email. Use password SLAMFam2022$ Then go to Photocrit and see if you can post an image in the Test Post topic.

Find Adobe Lightroom CC and drag it to your Doc.
Start it up, create an Adobe Login using your slamfamily email or some other email that you have (not your SLHS email!).

Go here: and do as much of the Get Started Course as you can.

Post an image to comp, focus, light if you have one to post.

Tuesday Aug. 26
Add a titles and credits to your sound story then Share> Master File. then turn in to Sound Story Folder on the server.

Monday Aug. 25
Intro to OBS
Comp, Focus, Light photography assignment.

Friday Aug. 23
Continue working on sound story.

Wednesday/Thursday Aug 21,22

  1. Finish and share your sound story as a .mp3.

  2. Start Final Cut Pro and edit a visual story to your sound story. Follow the directions here: Getting Started with Final Cut Pro.

Monday Aug 19

  1. Seating Chart Roll Call

  2. Sign in to your SLAM Google account. Go to and Sign in. Username is password is SLAMFam2022$

  3. Go to Gmail. You should have an email from me (or wordpress) to welcome you and to use to log in to our website. Follow the directions. 

  4. email and tell me you are signed up.

  5. Sound Story. Tell a story in Garageband using only sound effects. You will have today and tomorrow to tell your story.

Friday Aug 16:
Finish your song. Do some volume changes just to know you can do it with Mix>Show Automation. You can also Track > Show Master Track to animate the volume for the whole song (good for fadeout).
Sharing your song and turning it in

Thursday Aug 15:
Name game per table
Logging into the computers and playing with Garageband

Wednesday Aug 14: 
Baseball walk-up roll-call |Examples|Tom Sawyer|
Tour of the website, about the class and Academy
Some SLAM videos

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