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Basic Camera techniques: How to turn on the camera, which mode to use, and how to change the lens.

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Step one

Insert the Battery and Memory Card. Turn on the camera using the power button.

Step two

Use the mode dial to select the desired shooting mode. Auto(A) and manual (M).

For automatic modes, the camera will handle most settings.

For manual modes, adjust the aperture, shutter speed,

and ISO according to your shooting conditions.

Experiment with manual settings for creative control.

Step three

Use the viewfinder or LCD screen to compose your shot.

Step four

Attach a Lens- Find the alignment marks on both the camera body and the lens. Align these dots and attach the lens.

These are usually a white or red dot on both the lens and the camera. Step four and a half 

Removing the lens when putting gear away/changing to a different lens size - Locate the lens release button on the camera body, usually near the lens mount. Press and hold this button. Rotate the Lens and remove.

Step five

 Focus on the subject that is being captured by the camera.

While in autofocus half-press the shutter button to focus on your subject. While in manual focus use the focus ring on the lens to focus on your subject.

Step six

Set up three-point lighting and get your microphones turned on and you are almost ready to start recording.

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